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Unicat v 7.5.0

The possibility of creation of the new catalogues from existing text files is added. Details in the help and catalogue Tutorial.ucc;

The possibility is added to assign a badge of a current branch to all branches of the given level (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L, option of the menu a Contents >... Or button on the panel of badges);

The error is eliminated: at hand-held saving of the "subordinate" catalogue (Ctrl+S, "disk" button) the main catalogue was closed and the changes in the "subordinate" catalogue were not brought.

5 additional (internal) clipboards are added. Copying - Shift+F1... Shift+F5, insert - Ctrl+F1... Ctrl+F5 (or appropriate options of the main and dropping out menu EDITING...). It is necessary to mean 2 moments:
1. The operation with additional clipboards is carried on through the standard clipboard
2. At closing the application contents of additional clipboards are lost

In dropping out menus of windows of a contents and descriptions keyboard commands now are displayed

 The keyboard commands to buttons of handle of voice scroll boxes ("Stop" -Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S, " Пауза"-Shift+Ctrl+Alt+P,"Читать-Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R"); Are assigned 

Home Download What new Catalogues Screenshot


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